All New Made In America Pasture Vac 800 Series 210 gallons (Aprox 5 Barrows)


Pasture Vac 800 Series

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  • The Pasture Vac 800 is our largest model designed for its extra carrying capacity reducing time spent emptying
  • You will save hours in cleaning time allowing more time for riding and enjoying healthier fresh clean pastures – less worms, flies and bare patches Grass can thrive again
  • US Made 10FT heavy duty pick up hose + 48 inches nozzle gives a 14Ft reach
  • Option to extend hose length even further for nut growers etc
  • 2 Year Honda Warranty*
  • Pick up in all conditions wet or dry
  • Long or short grass
  • Other uses are endless – this is a wet and dry Vac
  • A-Grade Polyethylene with UV protection
  • Made in America
  • 5 wheel barrow capacity (approximately)
  • Easy start 50cc Honda 4 Stroke motor
  • Tow behind ride on mower, quad, buggy or small tractor
  • Powder coated steel frames with easy tipping action
  • 12-month warranty on all parts
  • View other videos:  how to empty a vacuum, etc.

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Product Description


The Greystone 800 Series Pasture Vac evolved after the success of its smaller brother, the 400 Series. Those with bigger properties and more animals wanted a larger storage option to reduce time spent emptying.

The 800 Series has a larger powder coated steel frame and wheels to cope with the heavier loads it can carry with ease.

We guarantee our vacuums will work for you just as they do in our web videos – after 17 years in manufacturing we know you will be happy with the machines’ capabilities.

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Storage Capacity 800 Ltr
Length 1700mm
Height 1170mm
Width 1060mm
Weight 110kg
Hose Diameter 5″ (127MM)
Hose and Nozzle Length 3.7mtr
Engine Capacity (CC) 50CC
Fuel Type Regular Unleaded Fuel
Fuel Tank Size 1.27Ltr
Oil 10W / 30 API SG
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